As a Project Manager:


  • I use ADDIE to project manage all five development stages - Analysis; Design; Development; Implementation; Evaluation – to produce highly technical training in a timely manner within budget constraints.

  • I coach teams made from both employees and contractors to work within time and budget constraints, ensuring schedules and plans meet business and project needs according to customer requirements.

  • I direct multi-disciplinary teams of SMEs, instructors, IDs, artists, writers, visualists and Instructional designers to execute simultaneous projects collaboratively with creative and innovative approaches and ideas.


As a Creative, Compelling, Visual Storyteller:


  • I work with SMEs to gather requirements via effective verbal communication skills, empathetic interpersonal, listening and consultative skills and a strong orientation towards customer service and attention to details.

  • I combine concepts and ideas into effective instruction, creating and presenting thematic narrative and stories using proven creative scriptwriting, storyboarding and visual communication skills.


As a 2D and 3D Graphics Designer, Animator and Visualist:


  • I understand visual design theory and its context and contribution to the success of training courses.

  • I use the Adobe Creative Cloud to illustrate stories and explain learning content concepts with multimedia, graphics, interactive web design, 2D & 3D animation, and digital audio & video.

  • I am fluent with all aspects of engineering & scientific visualization - with hands-on experience turning AutoCAD engineering design documents of new technologies into photo-realistic imagery, videos and interactive simulations using 3D animation tools (3D Studio Max) and simulations technologies (Simulink).



PROJECT: Design and develop 30+ technical and safety training modules for SIO program to train production technicians at cryogenic fluids manufacturing plants to successfully master specific tasks. 



PROJECT: Design and develop a Certification Program for Business Development. These modules represent the first of 4 stages in the program - for new hires and entry level business development professionals in supportive roles.