Learning & Development

  • 15+ years experience creating and instructing music production, sequencing, arranging and writing courses that incorporate electronic and hybrid production techniques;

  • 15+ years experience working one-on-one with students in Directed Study as they prepare their graduation portfolio and make the transition from student to industry professional;

  • 15+ years experience developing and refining curriculum to reflect the changes and developments in the music industry. 

  • 15+ years experience teaching experience in writing, arranging, and music technology

  • 15+ years experience implementing and administrating instructor-led and elearning adult learning solutions.

  • Responsible for hands-on development of courses in collaboration with faculty members and staff, including video producers, graphic designers, copyeditors, music notation specialists, software developers, and others.

  • Pioneers innovative and practical approaches to designing and developing custom-designed courses for a wide variety of custom-designed learning platforms and portals.

  • Identifies and implements innovative instructional design strategies and learning methodologies for graduate and undergraduate instructor-led courses in music that provide the best possible learning experience for students.

  • Provides training / instructional design feedback to course authors in order to create compelling learning experiences.

  • Develops project schedules - manages author deliverables and resources to ensure the timely completion of courses.

  • Develops content, including text, graphics, and multimedia, using tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, audio editing programs, online content management systems, and other technologies.

  • Collaborates with the Senior Directors, faculty, course developers, software developers, graphic designers, editors, student workers, and others to design and develop courses and related materials for course delivery.

  • Collaborates with video production teams to create compelling video for courses that strengthens the learning experience and provides for promotional content on various distribution channels.

  • Works with marketing teams to identify/gather compelling examples, relevant information for course promotion opportunities.

  • Instructs multiple courses at a time - Monitors newly launched and revised courses for effectiveness.

  • Stays informed of trends in learning, including new learning technologies and new feature sets available in LMS, and devise plans for implementing what is best-in-breed and enhances the learning experience.

  • Possesses solid understanding and expertise of web and mobile technologies and social media.

  • Possesses multi-faceted experience in an education, training and digital media environment, including experience designing and developing courses with rich multimedia.

  • Familiarity with learning management systems, including Canvas.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills, and the ability to maintain high levels of creativity and quality.

  • Demonstrated experience working effectively with subject matter experts to develop content.

  • Proven background in instructional design, education, and/or learning theory, with 15+ years experience in course development in an adult learning environment.

  • Possesses expertise and experience developing learning curriculum for academic institutions and adult learners.


Learning & Development Technologies

  • 15+ years’ experience with Corporate University design development and deployment for Fortune 500 companies.

  • 15+ years experience, expertise, fluency using the most up-to-date, state of the art leading training tools and approaches.

  • Fluent with the latest best practices and most state of the art new technology tools in technical training,

  • Effectively uses technology to expand learning, development and manage change across organizational functions.

  • Evaluates, assesses and recommends new and emerging technologies for implementations

  • 15+ years’ LMS and CMS expertise - LMS packages: SABA, SumTotal, Cornerstone, Success Factors, Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, GeoLearn,

  • Uses Learning Management Systems (LMS) and HRIS systems to manage global training programs

  • Configures curriculum and establishes course structure for assigned projects within the Learning Management System.

  • Serves as a designated LMS administrator, assists in administrative tasks of LMS

  • Administers and uses LMS to develop, deliver, schedule and track employee training across global enterprises.

  • Administrates, coordinates and tracks LMS registration and course completion by participants. Creates/runs LMS reports.

  • Creates/ Configures LMS curriculum, course offerings, system-generated announcements and establishes course structure for assigned projects within LMS.

  • Develops new content for corporate websites and LMS training portals related to training and training initiatives.

  • 15+ years of experience with content design tools used in a learning creation environment

  • 15+ years’ expertise with eLearning training course development – as well as course migration from ILT to elearning

  • Expertise with eLearning Development/Authoring tools - Adobe Captivate, Articulate Studio & Storyline, Trivantis Lectora

  • Expertise with Microsoft technologies: Office 2013, PowerPoint presentation production skills. Microsoft Project expertise.

  • Expertise with 2D graphics / DTP content production: Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat.

  • Expertise with 3D graphics / animation content production: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Bryce. Poser, Fuse.

  • Expertise with online video content production skills – Adobe Video Suite: Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Audition

  • 15+  years’ expertise with Virtual Classroom Systems: Interwise, Saba Centra, WebEx, Moodle, Adobe Connect, MS Lync/Skype

  • 5+ years’ expertise with Mobile Social Media tools: Yammer, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram

  • 5+ years’ expertise with Music Sharing Apps: Allihoop, iTunes,  Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Tunecore, YouTube.


Instructional Design

  • 25+ years’ expertise with ADDIE, Instructional System Design methodology, adult learning theory and curriculum architecture:



  • Uses the ADDIE method to evaluate program effectiveness, analyzes trends, and identifies gaps

  • Determines training needs, develops/implements training programs, using effective technology and learning approaches.

  • Develops learning competency maps, models and measurement, safety and  technology certification programs

  • Works extensively with subject matter experts (SMEs), vendors, and project team members to design, develop and deliver appropriate training.

  • Collaborates and works directly with SMEs to capture course-specific knowledge and to gather and understand information, products and services, policies, procedures, systems and skills requiring instruction or development.

  • Directs curriculum and course design sessions to gather detailed information from SMEs and to strongly influence the best instructional design blend.

  • Develops, implements and manages training project plans to incorporate new training initiatives.

  • Revises existing training project plans & programs to incorporate new tools, new functionality and new training material.

  • Gathers raw materials for training projects (graphics, documents, etc)



  • Creates project documentation: design documents, design templates, procedures, standards, style guides, technical specifications, prototypes, straw models, train-the-trainer and pilot materials.

  • Creates course design deliverables: technical/creative briefs, course and video outlines, scripts and storyboards, instructor/participant guide prototypes.



  • Responsible for developing eLearning, Virtual and Instructor-Led curriculum while keeping specific corporate branding, audience, learning modality, and other learning considerations intact

  • Applies instructional design standards and styles to training material - Ensures course deliverables are compelling and incorporate best practices in adult learning theory.

  • Develops courses and videos from design deliverables: outlines, scripts and storyboards

  • Creates overviews, exercises, activities, summaries

  • Embeds process training documentation into training.

  • Writes concise, creative, and effective instruction - Performs editing and quality reviews.

  • Responsible for writing, editing, designing, testing, and publishing interactive eLearning modules and assessments.

  • Builds instructor/participant materials, training tools/job aids. Updates and maintains published training material.

  • Designs assessments and quizzes that measure the effectiveness of training based on learning objectives

  • Expertise with role playing, simulations, team exercises, online and classroom group discussions, video production.

  • Expertise with audio & video production – performs voiceovers.

  • Directs internal development teams and projects outsourced to third party vendors



  • Practices continuous improvement in piloting, implementing and revising learning programs to meet changing needs.

  • Develops pilot training courses to analyze and evaluate success of learning and needed training revisions.

  • Develops and conducts pilot training courses to analyze and evaluate success of learning and needed training revisions

  • Appropriately delivers blended learning programs – Live Classroom & Virtual Instructor-Led, eLearning, On-The-Job and Video-Based curriculums and courses

  • Serves as the primary instructor for classroom and virtual training events.

  • Excellent customer service skills - supports training classes while interacting with learning participants

  • Develops and implements marketing and communication plans used to internally publicize learning and development programs.



  • Gathers course evaluations, changes, deltas and feeds them into course revision cycle.

  • Collects data, tracks and evaluates training metrics.

  • Develops and implements training audit and control strategy

  • Helps to build workforce capability required to move through growth and change.

  • Develops and delivers Change Management training and coaching - Applies change management theory into training.

  • Serves as lead change management professional - develops / implements content to enterprise wide IT systems projects.

Video Production / Digital Multimedia Production

  • Directed and shot video for live and taped broadcast in studios and on location

  • Equipment Experience: Sony DXC537/BVV-5 Video Camera/Dockable Analog and Digital Betacam SP Field Deck; Canon J14ax.8.5BIRS Zoom Lens w/ 2X Extender, 4x4 Matte Box & Filters; Anton Bauer Pro Pac Camera Batteries & Logic Series Charger; Sony WRT-820A M55 Unilateral Wireless Mic System/WRR-840A Receiver.

  • Set up and utilized lighting equipment / lighting grids and spots, including: Lowell Softlight, Transkit & Ambikit lighting equipment Directed and engineered audio recording sessions and voice-overs. Digitally edited audio.

  • Utilized non-linear editing technologies and conventional online/offline edit suites.

  • Hands-on experience with the following computer-based, non-linear video editing systems: Data Translation Media 100, Avid Media Composer 8000, Videocube, Radius Videovision Studio, Sony Video Vegas, Adobe Premiere, DPS Spark 

  • Hands-on experience with Canon Optura DV camera and DPS Spark Firewire card.

  • Advanced online video content production skills – Adobe Video Suite - Premiere, After Effects, Flash.

  • Advanced skills with 3D Animation software - featuring 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave.

Music Production & Engineering

  • Possesses strong musical background, including knowledge of music theory and composition.

  • Possesses hands-on music industry expertise in music production and the music business.

  • Possesses production, sequencing, arranging and writing that incorporates electronic and hybrid production techniques

  • Possesses significant experience as an active composer, arranger, and producer in a variety of contemporary music styles, with emphasis on sequencing, hybrid and electronic productions, writing for new media and multi-media;

  • Possesses high level skills in music production both using current music software on the DAW and in the recording studio

  • Expertise engineering in pro level recording studios for music production, radio & TV commercials, jingles.

  • Expertise with audio sound editing: Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge, Propellerhead ReCycle.

  • Expertise with digital audio production software: Propellerhead Reason, Avid Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Korg Gadget.

  • Expertise with software synth programming: Propellerhead Reason & Thor, Korg Gadget, Native Instruments.

  • Expertise with hardware synth programming: Korg M1&Triton, Roland Jupiter-8, D50, XP-80, Yamaha TX816, DX-7,

    Kurzweil K2000 & K250, Oberheim Matrix 12, Ensoniq SQ-80, PPG Wave 2.1, Synclavier.

  • Expertise with audio recording equipment: wide variety of Microphones, Multitrack tape decks, automated mixing desks  

  • Expertise with audio sweetening equipment: multiple reverbs, EQs, compressors, limiters, mic pre-amps, noise gates