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Mitchell Hale

I am a Berklee alumnus (MP&E Class of 1986, Cum Laude). I am passionate about learning, passionate about the future of music, media and entertainment – but most of all – I am passionate about making a difference.


I am innovative, customer-focused, motivated, self-starting and deadline-driven - and passionate about making a difference and helping others achieve success - by shaping and implementing learning that develops professionals to deliver measurable results.


As a Learning & Development Professional:


  • I develop blended programs that include traditional instructor-led live classroom instruction, interactive self-directed e-learning solutions, virtual classroom technologies, web-based video streaming, and interactive, collaborative social learning via social media - using competency mapping and adult learning principles.

  • I am dedicated to maintaining current knowledge of best practices, innovations, research, theories, technologies and trends in adult learning, instructional design and curriculum development.

  • I maintain hands-on fluency with latest instructional design technologies and tools.


As a Team Leader and Project Manager:


  • I use ADDIE to project manage all five development stages - Analysis; Design; Development; Implementation; Evaluation – to produce learning deliverables in a timely manner within budget constraints.

  • I lead and coach teams of both employees and contractors to work within time/budget constraints, ensuring schedules/plans meet business and project needs according to customer requirements.

  • I work with multi-disciplinary teams of SMEs, artists, writers, instructors and Instructional designers to execute simultaneous projects collaboratively with creative and innovative approaches/ideas.


As a Creative, Compelling, Verbal, Visual Communicator and Storyteller:


  • I collaborate with SMEs to gather requirements using effective verbal communication skills, empathetic interpersonal, listening and consultative skills - combined with a strong orientation towards customer service and attention to details.

  • I help teams synthesize concepts and ideas into effective courses and instruction, creating and presenting thematic narrative and stories using proven creative content writing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, and visual communication skills.

  • I understand visual design theory’s context and contribution to the success of training materials.


These fluencies allow me to liaison seamlessly between Technology, Manufacturing, IT, Sales & Marketing, HR, Corporate Communications and Training Development teams, for my specialty is learning to speak each group’s language and then translating it to the language of Learning & Development.


However, along with the knowledge of how these different disciplines can be integrated together to create state-of- the-art, global Learning & Development programs - I also understand the big picture that underlies it all: Learning & Development serves as a tool for the improvement of an organization’s customer-base and workforce - and must do so compellingly and innovatively with functionality and clarity, while enhancing the confidence and competence of all learners. And I understand how to do that effectively by managing project scope/goals within budgetary/time constraints - while communicating and collaborating effectively.

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